More Rusty, Less Ruthless

A tough day at the office for the Rusty Plough. While the score was far from humiliating (a 2-1 loss against the top team in the league), the very reason for the endeavor was put at test. The game ended 10 minutes earlier because a fight broke after a classless player hit friend and teammate MF. From behind. With the ball on the other end of the field. When he was running back. A coward act that should not happen anywhere on sport’s fields. In an over-40 league? Nonsense. Unfortunately, the lack of ethics and respect that affects civil society always and inevitably pours over sports facilities too. In a world where a sick assistant coach is allowed to attack young kids and get away for a long time with it; in an environment where a three-time world champions coach can be fined $500,000 dollars and keep his position and status; and I could go on and on, shameful acts are bound to happen. World, and sport too, needs a much better leadership.












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