The Remnants

And then there were four. One mormon, one multi-religion (not at the same time, of course), one libertarian, one Christian über-conservative whose ideas are so backward his name will be forever associated with some disgusting liquid (google “santorum,” if you want to find out what that is). None of them barely president-material in any democratic place existing on earth (setting aside Italy, ça va sans dire: will that mean something bad about il Bel Paese? Ah, saperlo!). Barring further troubling decisions by Obama in the next months (totally possible, by the by), the next President should be a democrat, again. Obama’s disgraceful first term will go down in history as the gigantic missed opportunity to change history. The majority of those who embraced his “hope” message will be voting him (if they will) while preventing their nostrils from smelling the bad smell, like Italians used to do while voting in office the likes of Andreotti, Fanfani, Forlani. What a shame.


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