More Than Another Moving

In ten days, I will leave Berkeley, and California, which has been my home away from home for seven out of the past nine years. My position as Visiting Lecturer at Berkeley is ending, and I was lucky enough to receive an offer for another 1-year replacement position at the University of Oklahoma for the next academic year. Oklahoma’s campus is located in Norman, OK. True to my blog’s name, I remain nomadic. Senza Fissa Dimora appears to remain my moniker. Not surprisingly, it is turning into more than a perhaps well-chosen name for a blog: it seems to be almost a destiny. For long time, I have never left my hometown: didn’t have the money or the time to travel when I was in my twenties, and since my mid-thirties, on the other hand, I never stopped going around, living outside my native country. Of course, this life changes you. It makes the idea that you are leaving behind people, places, and familiarity almost an afterthought, not something to be pondered. And it makes you a lone traveler, someone who has hard time seeing himself in a relationship, who does not know anymore how to make people around himself feel that they are important. And who ends up hurting them more than pleasing them. It almost makes you a character in a Cortàzar’s, or Yourcenar’s, novel, without the charm, however.

Norman, here I come.


  1. blepiro

    Ogni tanto passo di qui. Sappi Maurizio che il tuo essere nomadico non ti rende monadico, se mi passi il gioco di parole 🙂 La rete di relazioni esiste, sebbene sottile e più fragile. E non è che non hai una casa, hai solo una casa più ampia. Ti auguro di far riposare le tue radici per un po’, che alla lunga stanca. Un abbraccio mio caro. r

  2. maurizio vito

    Grazie Riccardo, me lo auguro anch’io. Si rischia di non capire più il valore di tante cose, di non appartenere più a nulla né a nessuno, altrimenti.

  3. Franco

    Caro Maurizio,
    You will be missed. Berkeley is your home and your friends will always be here for you when you come back. Good luck in your new home. I am sure you will find and make new friends there. Ciao. Franco

    • maurizio vito

      Caro Franco,
      thank you. The Rusty/Starry people and practices will be sorely missed too.I would love to be able to find new friends in OK, as well as to continue to find with still open arms the old ones when I come back. There will always be a place for you too, wherever I will be.


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