Bay Area issues

I just left the Bay Area, and I am kind of used to earthquakes. However, the consequences here are very much different. Old buildings and new ones crumble down alike. Everything is shaking and rolling, people are dying, nature as well.

  1. Franco

    WOW. Emilia like California. I lived in Soliera (MO) for almost two years and I still have friends there. I hope they are OK? Stay safe my friend.
    It looks like Italy needs a new building code….
    Why are the fish dying? Pollution? There is no oxygen in that water.

  2. maurizio vito

    It seems that they are dying because of some gas released by the quake. So sad… Lombardy and Piedmont has felt the quakes too, but Emilia is really crushed right now. You might have read that the friendly game between Italy and Luxembourg, to be played in Parma, was canceled due to security — and, perhaps, mourning — reasons. Ciao Franco, give a hug to Pat.


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