This is why European social welfare is better for everybody, and also why, not accidentally, USA is a country where opportunity is NOT for all. How can anyone claim to be compassionate and then deny basic rights to common people? How can anyone claim to be Christian and then let this happen or, worse still, make it happen? $469,128.90 is a HUGE amount of money.

This is what open heart surgery bills look like

Several Sundays ago, I chronicled my then-22-year-old daughter’s adventure in open heart surgery, all thanks to Obamacare, which allowed her to remain on my insurance. The bottom line: We were terrified the young adult provision would be overturned. We were even more terrified that the pre-existing prohibition clause would be overturned and that the rest of her adult life would be spent in an unending scramble to obtain health care coverage.

Today’s decision put that to rest.

So while we’re busy discussing (as we should be) the political ramifications, the electoral consequences, the future of the Commerce Clause, let’s also keep in mind that people’s lives were saved today. And that a heck of a lot of people’s futures were just allowed to move forward free of the fear of medical bankruptcy from bills like those my daughter racked up above.


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