Bad Habits

Kicking a man when he’s down is an idiomatic sentence that means to attack someone when he is already in a difficult position. It is heinous, often merely a display of impotence on the end of he who is charging, or, worst still, a cowardish attitude. Nowadays some guy is going all gaga against Lance Armstrong. Because he is retired. When he was winning, everybody was on the bandwagon. However, he cheated then (yes, I think he did it). Now he is not. Who is going to pay back those who came in second seven times, in those Tour de France? And who is going to hold accountable those who should have stopped him back then and didn’t?

Different take, but fundamentally similar, in another virtually irrelevant situation, now: the Roger Clemens case. SEVEN (7) years of investigation, millions of dollars of taxpayers money thrown down the drain later, the former professional baseball player was found not guilty on all six charges pressed against him.

Meanwhile, big bankers get fatter, and millions of people poorer, thanks to less-than-zealous officers who are allegedly hired or appointed or elected to defend the rights of we, the people. Perhaps when some of those big guns will throw themselves under the bus, some sheriff will raise to restore the order. Or will he?




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