A few years back, three graduate students at MIT created a software that would generate a paper from few keywords inserted in it. In order to prove that there’s no such a thing as academic standard among academicians, they sent one of their randomly-generated paper to a prestigious Conference. It was accepted, and when they revealed the practical joke they were uninvited. As though that would fix the problem. Some funny guys (perhaps the same ones?) used the same principle, and applied it to Mr. Mitt Romney.

Go try it. Hopefully, if you still have doubts, you’ll figure out how ludicrous is this guy. And American politics. And academia. And…

Want more proof that all that glitters is not gold? Try this. And this. I banged my head against the wall, after watching Inside Job. But thank god I did it (watch the movie, I mean, not banging my head. Oh well).


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