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Luca Rastello

imagesHo incontrato Luca Rastello una volta sola, molti anni fa. Era venuto alla libreria Rinascita di Brescia per presentare il suo libro La guerra in casa, un episodio del quale raccontava le vicende terribili accadute ad un carissimo amico, Agostino, in terra ex-jugoslava. La serata fu molto movimentata. Mostrando la stessa verve critica, onestà analitica, e coraggio che si possono leggere nel suo recente romanzo I buoni (2014), Rastello si era attirato le ire dei simpatizzanti di un’altra organizzazione ‘buona’, quella che faceva capo a Don Bizzotto, i “Beati i costruttori di pace”, alcuni membri della quale affollavano la sala della libreria e fecero sentire la loro disapprovazione. Peccato, per loro, che Luca Rastello fosse tutt’altro che impreparato a parare i loro attacchi e a contrattaccare. Ho molto vivido il ricordo di quella serata, e anche se ho seguito Luca solo attraverso i suoi scritti l’amico Agostino di cui sopra mi teneva al corrente della sua situazione personale. Venire a sapere della sua prematura morte mi ha rattristato, e formulo voti affinché tutte le persone, famigliari e amiche/amici che ora stanno soffrendo a causa di questa morte , sempre o quasi ineffabile, trovino quanto prima serenità.

Ai miei 2,5 lettori/lettrici consiglio la lettura dei suoi libri, se già non l’avessero fatto.


Down and Up

20140315_111041To say that the view of Grand Canyon in Arizona is spectacular simply states the obvious. Sure, one could do without the scores of tourists in their street clothes, hopping on and off buses taking them along the rim, but once you take the trail and head down, then it is just you, other fellow hikers, and that breathtaking work that Master Time has wrought relentlessly to make it beautiful. Continua a leggere

Reps on the move

[Here’s my friend PM new post. He is quite enjoying this! MV]

20.10.2012, Berlin,Bundestag SPD Veranstaltung Europäisches IndustrieforumRepublicans in the House of Representatives finally did something besides voting (for the 36th time) to overturn Obamacare.  Today they voted to end federal subsidies of student loans. The current rate is 3.4 percent. If it becomes law (fat chance) this latest Republican move in support of “the free market” would cap some loans at … 10.5 percent.

Glad to see the Repubs are standing like rocks behind their principle: the “free market.” That would be banks, would it not? Banks of course are never known to manipulate lending costs … at least, not since the last time they got caught playing with the Libor rates. You don’t think House Republicans have placed those bankers’ interests ahead of the students, do you? Continua a leggere

Point Lenana: casual offshoots


  • Le torture inflitte ai Mau Mau negli screening camps della Pipeline raccontate in Point Lenana mi hanno fatto pensare al film “The first grader,” visto poche settimane prima della lettura del masterpiece quadrumane. La sinossi del film:  ‘In a small, remote mountain top primary school in the Kenyan bush, hundreds of children are jostling for a chance for the free education newly promised by the Kenyan government. One new applicant causes astonishment when he knocks on the door of the school.  He is Maruge (Oliver Litondo), an old Mau Mau veteran in his eighties, who is desperate to learn to read at this late stage of his life.  He fought for the liberation of his country and now feels he must have the chance of an education so long denied – even if it means sitting in a classroom alongside six-year-olds. Moved by his passionate plea, head teacher Jane Obinchu (Naomie Harris), supports his struggle to gain admission and together they face fierce opposition from parents and officials who don’t want to waste a precious school place on such an old man. Full of vitality and humour, the film explores the remarkable relationships Maruge builds with his classmates some eighty years his junior. Through Maruge’s journey, we are taken back to the shocking untold story of British colonial rule 50 years earlier where Maruge fought for the freedom of his country, eventually ending up in the extreme and harsh conditions of the British detention camps. Directed by Justin Chadwick (THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL/BLEAK HOUSE) from a script by Emmy-winner Ann Peacock (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, NIGHTS IN RODANTHE, KIT KITTRIDGE), THE FIRST GRADER is a heart warming and inspiring true story of one man’s fight for what he believes is his right in order to overcome the burdens of his past. It is a triumphant testimony to the transforming force of education.The filming process itself was quite extraordinary, as the children in the film – who are in many ways the stars – had never even seen a film or television set before let alone been involved in the filming process. Their involvement in the shoot was a totally novel experience for them and their enthusiasm and energy is captured beautifully on screen.’ [Fonte:] Continua a leggere