Etichettato: Delusional grown-ups


There’s childhood and there’s the world of the so called grown-ups. The former is a place where you are entitled to all the more fantastic projections of yourself: you can be an astronaut, an etoile, a quarterback, the best soccer player on earth, or a rockstar. You are even entitled to see yourself as the second coming of whomever prophet you worship. But that is then, and when you add year after year to your biography, things are supposed to change. Unfortunately, way too many people keep seeing the same dreamer when they look in the mirror. And they fall down to earth hard. Even when they spend their entire awaken life to deny that they fall way shorter than their expectations and self-narrative tells. Among the seven awful Presidential candidates to challenge Barack Obama in the 2012 American elections, Michele Bachmann was the least appealing of them all. Yet, she still thinks she was the perfect candidate. Talk about delusional.