Etichettato: Norman

Oklahoma, at last

And it’s not as bad as one would expect, Oklahoma I mean. Sure, crazy hot. But  my first days in Connecticut, august 2009, were way worse… Norman is a small place in rural USA, but I don’t dislike it. Like in Pittsburgh, people seem really friendly (not fake-friendly, as it happens sometimes). I’ve been treated well, for those of you out there wondering, all the three of you :-).

I still don’t have internet at home; I’ll keep you posted from different places, these days.


More Than Another Moving

In ten days, I will leave Berkeley, and California, which has been my home away from home for seven out of the past nine years. My position as Visiting Lecturer at Berkeley is ending, and I was lucky enough to receive an offer for another 1-year replacement position at the University of Oklahoma for the next academic year. Oklahoma’s campus is located in Norman, OK. True to my blog’s name, I remain nomadic. Senza Fissa Dimora appears to remain my moniker. Continua a leggere