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Reps on the move

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20.10.2012, Berlin,Bundestag SPD Veranstaltung Europäisches IndustrieforumRepublicans in the House of Representatives finally did something besides voting (for the 36th time) to overturn Obamacare.  Today they voted to end federal subsidies of student loans. The current rate is 3.4 percent. If it becomes law (fat chance) this latest Republican move in support of “the free market” would cap some loans at … 10.5 percent.

Glad to see the Repubs are standing like rocks behind their principle: the “free market.” That would be banks, would it not? Banks of course are never known to manipulate lending costs … at least, not since the last time they got caught playing with the Libor rates. You don’t think House Republicans have placed those bankers’ interests ahead of the students, do you? Continua a leggere



This is why European social welfare is better for everybody, and also why, not accidentally, USA is a country where opportunity is NOT for all. How can anyone claim to be compassionate and then deny basic rights to common people? How can anyone claim to be Christian and then let this happen or, worse still, make it happen? $469,128.90 is a HUGE amount of money.

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